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About Heather

Work Experience:

I've been engaged in social work and counseling for more than 20 years in a variety of settings, working with a wide range of clients.
full-time private practice
social worker, Alta Bates High Risk Pregnancy Clinic;
also, part-time private practice
social worker, Children's Hospital Oakland Intensive Care Nursery; also part-time private practice
social worker, North Bay Regional Center; also part-time private practice

MPH (Masters in Public Health), from University of California at Berkeley School of Public Health
MSW (Masters in Social Work) from University of California at Berkeley School of Social Welfare
BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) from San Francisco State University

License:                                                  I am licensed by the State of California to conduct mental health treatment (LCSW License #LCS14038).

 If you have questions about my license or those of any other practitioner, you can check with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

References and Testimonials

Here's what some of the professionals I've worked with have to say about me:

David Marinoff, MD, FACOG, East Bay Perinatology Associates                                          "I have been impressed not only by Heather's professional expertise, but by her common sense and her ability to quickly identify the source of problems, enabling her to rapidly start working on solutions...patients frequently tell me how appreciative they are of the help that Heather has provided them."

Alex M. Espinoza, MD, East Bay Neonatology Group "Heather is a compassionate and resourceful professional. She applies her experience to the benefit of her clients."

Here's what some of my clients have said:

"B.E."                                        "I was put into contact with Heather through my Employee Assistance Program after the sudden death of my father. With his loss, I not only had  to deal with my inexperience with grief, but also my mother's.  Heather and I worked together to understand my grief and how it was overwhelming many  parts of my life. With her gentleness, experience, and sense of humor as a guide, I learned what was right for me to do in order to help my family and begin to heal myself. Interestingly, as time passed and my grief weighed me down less and less, I saw how my approach to grief  was intrinsically related to how I perceive my place in this world and my reactions to it. By exploring this, I now understand myself better than before.."

"S.D" I met with Heather during a major crisis at my work (I had been referred by a counselor there).

Heather worked "with me" and not "at me". She was able to help me discover that my work situation was no longer an appropriate place for me.

Two things of great importance to me are that Heather listened to me and that my own words helped me to decide to leave my job.

As I have continued to learn more about my needs, Heather has been an extremely able and flexible listener, mirror and guiding questioner. She has a wonderful smile and laugh. Heather can also quickly give tissues when needed.

I have felt very comfortable recommending her to several of my close friends. Her knowledge and intuitive care make her an individual who works with people who have a variety of disabilities very successfully.

She has made a positive difference in my life.

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