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Special Needs

I make every effort to accommodate clients with special needs where possible..

My Berkeley office is wheelchair accessible, but unfortunately the Walnut Creek offices still have steps. I have experience working with a wide range of clients, including people who are blind, have Parkinson's, or have cancer.

Privacy and Confidentiality

What you say in therapy sessions is confidential--and I do not and will not reveal it except as required by law, or with your specific permission, or by these exceptions. If you are paying with insurance, you plan will almost certainly need to know the dates of each session -- and plans which must authorize specific treatment  usually require a general category for your problem and reports on your progress. With most insurance plans, during your signup you also gave them authorization to see your session notes if they so desire (but in my direct experience they never have). 

California law also requires me to divulge certain information in the case of an imminent threat or medical emergency. Aside from those rare instances, in California licensed mental health providers and their clients are afforded a great deal of  protection from all other inquiries (that is, the law provides a strong form of what popularly is known as "doctor-patient confidentiality" for your sessions). But like other legal immunities, it is not absolute -- a court can issue a specific order to obtain that information and some agencies are empowered to look at records for antifraud or public health purposes. If you are directly concerned about these issues, please obtain legal advice from an appropriate source.
Diversity, Alternative Families, Clients from Other Countries I work with people from all backgrounds on the basis of their individual needs and characteristics, not on their group membership. While some people prefer a therapist of their own racial, ethnic, orientation or religious background, I have found that for most people the more important question is how they and I get along. I have had successful courses of treatment with people with all shades of skin color, dozens of national origins, a range of sexual orientations and a host of religious and non-religious persuasions.

Therapy in Spanish
Terapia En Español
For clients who prefer treatment in Spanish, I usually recommend my colleague Debra Haber, LCSW/MPH (925-685-8184, haber_d@sutterhealth.org), who also has offices in Berkeley and Walnut Creek.

los clients que prefieren el tratamiento en español, recomiendo generalmente a mi colega Debra Haber, LCSW/MPH (925-685-8184, haber_d@sutterhealth.org) que también tiene officinas en Berkeley y Walnut Creek.

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