picture of Heather Roselaren, LCSW/MPH Psychotherapy & Counseling with Heather Roselaren, LCSW/MPH

About the therapy

My Therapeutic Approach My approach to therapy is client-centered rational talk therapy in a comforting, safe environment--with an emphasis on understanding how personal feelings interact with family and social dynamics. In practice, that means we sit facing each other, and spend most of the session time talking through issues and working out strategies and techniques for dealing with them.

Length of Treatment Some clients need only a few sessions to resolve a problem; at the other end of the spectrum, some want a long-term continuing source of support. Since I work individually with each client based on their agenda and not mine, there is no fixed "standard treatment" length"

For your guidance, though, most insurance companies with policy limits initially authorize from four to ten sessions until they are convinced their client would benefit from a longer period of treatment. And whether you are an insurance client or not, you can stop at any time if you feel that's right for you.

Limitations Most people with psychological issues can be helped most of the time by good therapy -- but every honest therapist also knows that we can't guarantee therapy will be completely successful in every case. I can only promise my best efforts, both in your sessions and in the preparation and analysis time I spend in between.  I also promise to ask your permission to refer you for medical treatment or to another mental health provider if I feel it would better serve your interests.

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