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Fees and Insurance


My usual fee for a standard 50-minute session and the related prep, analysis and paperwork time  is $150.00. Clients on insurance plans that I accept (see below) pay the copay and/or rate set by their insurance plan and coverage. I do also offer some "sliding scale" sessions at reduced rates, with priority going to those with a true need. Fees or copays are due at the end of each session.

Insurance Plans

I'm currently an approved provider for these insurance plans:

Blue Cross of California
Blue Shield of California
Managed Health Network (MHN)
PacifiCare Behavioral Health (PBH)
Health Net
United Behavioral Health (UBH)

This list changes from time to time, so feel free to check with me if you'd like to use an insurance plan that isn't on that list.

Please also note that many insurance plans subcontract their mental health coverage to a separate subsidiary or another company—for example, mental health coverage for most Health Net members is provided by MHN. Consequently, whether you are in-plan or out-of-plan may depend on such an assignment.
Authorizations Most  MHN, PBH, UBH and ValueOptions members have coverage that requires preauthorization and limits the number of sessions paid for by insurance. Most Blue Cross plans do not require preauthorization, but many do have limits. I can usually arrange for an initial authorization within a few days of receiving your insurance information.

Out of Plan Option, Voluntary Self-Pay

Many other insurance plans have an out-of-plan provision that will pay a large portion of the session fees. If you choose this course, I will provide the statements of charges that you'll need to seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier.

For a variety of reasons, some clients who do have insurance choose to pay for their own sessions without involving the insurance company. In such instances, no paperwork is sent to the insurer regarding the treatment

Annual Deductibles

If you have an insurance plan with an annual deductible amount,  you will have to pay the full negotiated rate for your insurance until you have reached your deductible with me or your insurance company tells me your deductible has been met. If this results in an overpayment,  you will get a check back from me or your insurance plan once they  have received and approved bills that exceed the deductible value specified in your coverage.  

Once you insurance carrier specifies that your deductible has been met, the only fee due from you for any further sessions in the year is the copay specified in your insurance plan. I regret that an initial overpayment is often necessary--but that's the way the deductibles system has been structured.

Scheduling and Missed Sessions

Most clients prefer a regular weekly session with a reserved time spot, but some would rather take available spots on a week to week basis. In either case, once a session time is agreed on, I set it aside for the exclusive use of the client. If  you're a client with a scheduled session, you must tell me 48 hours in advance that you need to reschedule or cancel to avoid being charged for the full amount of the session (which for insured clients generally means both the normal copay amount and the fee that would have been paid by the insurance company).  There are reasonable exceptions for illness and serious emergencies as specified in the agreements provided to new clients.

Billing and Statements

Fees or copays for each session are expected at the time of the session. The basic paperwork of billing insurance companies is included in the fees for your session, as are basic receipts and statements if required.  More extensive paperwork, such as special statements, EAP questionnaires and disability reports that involve significant amounts of preparation time may incur an additional charge.

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